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The N Gauge Guild of South Africa is a dedicated club which caters for model train enthusiasts who have limited space. The working scale is 1:160 (or 1:148 if you model British), roughly half the size of HO scale model trains. The guild has a membership of about 100, whose interests range from modern American to historic European eras.

Although based in Krugersdorp, South Africa, we meet every six weeks at various venues in and around the Johannesburg area, exhibit our magnificent layout at shopping centers and are in great demand at major hobby events all over Gauteng Province.

Members are encouraged to build a N-Trak module which is connected to others to form a huge club layout. Scenery techniques are used to create a variety of landscapes found all over the world.

Currently we can build a layout in excess of 55 modules, with new ones constantly being added.

One of our aims with public exhibitions is to show the public how easy it is to get started in this absorbing pastime. Our latest club purchase is a Roco Z21 controller which now allows members to control their digital locomotives from a smart phone or tablet. We also use a Digitrax throttle system combined with the Z21 to give us the best of both worlds.

We offer technical support and advice, and actively promote membership of the club at our exhibitions. New members of all ages and skills are welcome, but especially younger beginners. Membership fees are R150 per family per year.

English Countryside
Harbour Scene

Module Specifications and Guidelines

The intention of these guidelines is to ensure that all modules conform to club standards in respect of running conditions, module structure, boxing, storage and transportation.

Guidelines will be published and updated as it becomes necessary, in keeping with the changes in technology and materials available to those who wish to build a module for inclusion in the club’s exhibition layout.

N Gauge Module Spec

Standard N-Track Module.

Click on the link to open a .PDF document with all the details.  Please note this will open a new window in your browser.

N Gauge Module Spec v4
Oversized Modules

The document referenced below is relevant to all modules exceeding the standard club module dimensions for half-straight, full-straight or corner modules.  Clicking on the link will open a .PDF document in a new window.

Oversized Modules

From our files: Some photographs from 2014's The Great Model Train Expo.

These are just a few of the photographs from The Great Model Train Expo held in October 2014 in celebration of the N-Gauge Guild’s 20th anniversary.